Bowlby's monotropic theory

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  • Bowlby's monotropic theory
    • Critical period
      • Specific time period in which an attachment must be made
      • Attachment must be made before between 2.5 and 3 years
    • Internal working model
      • A cognitive framework that uses an infant's primary attachment as a basis for future relationships
        • "Continuity hypothesis"
      • "Working" as develops over time depending on experiences
    • Attachment is a hierarchy, with the mother as the leader and secondary attachments underneath
    • Evaluation
      • Lorenz's goslings support idea of a critical period
      • Schaffer and Emerson's theory of multiple attachments
        • Refutes idea of monotropy
        • Despite multiple, still has primary figure
      • Practical applications; used in society as proof that mothers should stay at home
      • Romanian orphans able to attach after critical period
      • Disregards fathers although we now know they are stll important attachment figures
    • Mother as primary attachment figure and the father is ignored
    • Social releasers (innate behaviours that stimulate caregiving)
      • Crying (to attract parents' attention)
      • Looking, smiling, vocalising (to maintain parental attention)
      • Following and clinging (to gain and maintain proximity to parents)


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