Bowlby's Maternal Deprivation Theory

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  • Bowlby's Maternal Deprivation
    • If separated from mother's love in first year of life, you will suffer major emotional/intellectual deprivation
      • Combination of monotropy + critical period
      • From studies mainly done on children raised in orphanages
      • 30 months = critical period
    • Goldfarb studied 15 children raised in orphanage + IQs were 72 (average is 100)
      • Control group - children placed straight into foster care - had IQs of 95
    • Bowlby interviewed 44 criminal teenagers for signs of affectionless psychopathy
      • Bowlby conducted interviews himself; bias because he knew what he was looking to find
      • 12 of 14 identified as affectionless psychopaths had prolonged separations from their mother
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    • twins had good laKoluchova ter relationships


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