Bourbon restoration basics

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  • Bourbon Restoration
    • Terms decided by allies
      • Allies occupied 6 1 departments at French expense, demanded a hefty indemnity before they would leave
      • Determined on a royalist France
      • Louis never had a free hand to design his own restoration. Allied powers armies surrounded him decided upon a liberal constitution, not as a matter of principle but to ensure future stability thus the stability of Europe
    • What did the French people want?
      • Little popular support for restored monarchy, but a settled system of government was vital
    • New consitution
      • Proclaimed the individuals liberal freedoms of religion and opinon whilst restoring Catholicsm as State Church.
      • Revolutionary land settlement, purchases of Church and emigre land during 1790s was guaranteed
    • Government reforms to army
      • 1814-15 - army reduced from 500,000 to 223,000 men which was a necessary step for the peace of Europe and national finances
      • Army reforms meant 300,000 ex-soldiers were now unemployed and also were fervent supporters of Napoleon. IF Napoleon ever returned they could be relied on to rally his cause
      • Military posts handed out to returning emigres who'd fougut against the French since 1789
      • Revival of king's household troops and the raising of 5 Swiss  regiments created a privileged army within an army of over 6000 men who were militarily useless
      • Imperial Guard, Napoleon's veteran elite of over 100,000 were kept intact and just renamed so they remained a threat
    • Reasons for increasing popularity in 1814
      • Late july, a budget was produced that entailed maintaing and even increasing the heavy tax burden inherited from Napoleon. Particularly, the tax on wine, tobacco and salt that fell disproportionately on the poor.
      • Aspects of the Charter such as recognition of Cahtolicsm as stet relgiion marked the beginning of a drive to recover some of its pre-revoltuionary status.Mission sent to Rome with aim of annulling the 1801 concordat. Catholic schools given more freedom.
      • In September, the government's proposed returning all unsold beins nationaux to the original owners. Bill passed but only after fierce opposition. Feared that next step might be rest of land given back


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