Boudicca's Revolt

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  • Boudicca's Revolt
    • Prasutagus died and left half of his wealth to Boudicca (his wife) and half to the Roman Emperor Nero.
      • Prasutagus was the leader a British Celtic tribe, called Iceni (based in Norfolk).
    • Nero didn't want Boudicca to rule the Iceni tribe.
      • As a result of this, He sent centurions to pillage his house, whip Boudicca, and **** his daughters.
    • Boudicca then attacked London and torched it. Together with Colchester and St. Albans, at least 70,000 people were killed,
      • Noble women were impaled on spikes and had their breasts cut off.
    • Boudicca called a Rebellion
      • Trinovantes joined the Iceni, and attacked the Roman capital of Colchester.
    • The Battle of Watling Street
      • Suetonius had 10,000 men to Boudicca's 230,000. He drew up his troops into a narrow gorge, protecting his flanks
        • A forest behind them made attack and the Britons spread out.
    • Boudicca led her attack bravely, but her troops were channelled into a narrow gorge.
      • Suetonius' troops were disciplined. They waited until the Celts were 36 metres away and attacked with spears
        • As the Celts had no armour, they suffered heavily
    • Suetonius' army moved in formation. They created shield walls to protect themselves and they could stab the Celts through the gaps in the wall
      • The Celts were crowded and had no room to use their spears or swords.
        • Roman cavalry then attacked the sides.
    • The Romans tried to retreat but were blocked
      • Boudicca poisoned herself.
        • Approx 80,000 Britons died, in comparison to 400 Romans.


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