Bottom Up

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  • Bottom Up
    • AO1
      • Likely characteristics, motivations and social background of offenderd
      • Investigative psychology
        • apply stat procedures and psych theory to analysis of crime scene
        • looks for patterns to develop statistical database for comparisons
          • Aids in revealing social background, upbringing etc of offender
        • interpersonal coherence - way offender behaves at scene may reflect their beh in everyday situations
          • some rapists may be more apologetic and others more humiliating - may reveal how offender behaves around women in real life
        • Time and place is also significant, as is forensic awareness - people who have been investigated before - know how to cover their tracks
      • Geographical profiling
        • Assesses location of linked crime scenes - likely home or operational base - crime mapping
          • Can be used to help with knowing what offender is thinking - as well as their modus operandi
            • Offenders like to work in areas they are familiar with so shows a centre of gravity and may also help police with where the next strike is - jeopardy surface
        • Canters circle theory
          • Marauder - close proximity
          • Commuter - travels away
    • AO3
      • Canter and Heritage
        • Content analysis of 66 sexual cases - smallest space analysis - patterns such as lack of reaction to victim and impersonal language used
          • Shows how beh can change when offended more than once - supports use as shows how stat techs can be applied
      • Canter and Lundrigan
        • 120 murder cases - SSA revealed spatial consistency in beh of serial kilers
          • Bury sites often in opposite direction but centre of gravity applied
            • Supports Canter's claim that spatial info is key in finding base of offender
      • Scientific basis
        • More sci and obj than top down as grounded in evidence and psych theory
          • help of AI, investigators can manipulate geog, biograph and psych data to produce insights
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      • Wider application
        • Can be used on more than just **** and murder as geog profiling can help show base of thieves too
          • increases usefulness
      • does not always lead to correct identification
        • information from profile only led to correct identification in 3% of cases but was useful 83% of the time
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