Boston Matrix

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  • Boston Matrix
    • What is the Boston Matrix?
      • The Boston Matrix is marketing tool used for product portfolio analysis and management.
        • What is a Product Portfolio?
          • A product portfolio is the range of items sold by a business
      • The Boston Matrix describes the impact of market share and market growth on businesses by using four categories:
        • Dogs
          • Dogs are confronted with low market share and low market growth problems. They tend to absorb cash rather than generate it and are developing in a slow growing industry.
        • Stars
          • Stars represent the ideal combination for a company: high market share in a fast growing industry, two elements which generate cash and further opportunities.
        • Cash Cows
          • Cash cows enjoy a high market share in low growing market. These units usually generate cash in excess but opportunities or new investments are limited, due to the low growing market.
        • Question Marks (or Problem Children)
          • roblem children have low market share in a high growing market. These are products or units that grow rapidly and consume a high amount of resources, but generate low cash because of the low market share.


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