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  • Boscombe
    • spiral of decline
      • negative perception to little tourist activity
      • unemployment 7.8% compared to 3.4% in Bournemouth
      • low house prices
      • in top 2% in England of social deprivation and community deprivation (including mental health, drug use, crime rates and anti-social behaviour
    • how has Boscombe been rebranded
      • £11.3 million spent on tuning the large seaside carpark into apartments
        • this regeneration add £41 million to Boscome, attract wealthy residents as well as holiday makers
      • surf reef
        • Europe's first
          • cost £3 million
        • surfing is a year round activity but this especially extends the season from September to April
      • £2.8 million on pier
        • attracts tourists for a beach holiday
        • won pier of the year in 2010
      • multiplier effect
        • many business opportunities such as surf schools, places that sell or rent boards and cafes
        • café bar culture
    • evidence for success
      • house prices risen by 25%
      • model for coastal development
      • 91 permanent jobs
      • 42% decrease in anti-social behaviour
      • 32% increase in tourists
      • pier of the year in 2010
      • won a green tourism award
        • sustainable project
    • evidence for failure
      • the surf reef is only appropriate for advance suffers when the surf is good
      • damaged by boat propeller  and so it out of action
      • company who built the reef have gone into liquation
      • didn't target social regeneration only economic




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