Boscastle, Cornwall August 2004

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  • Boscastle, Cornwall 2004
    • Location
      • In the county of Cornwall
      • South west of England
      • North coast of Cornwall
      • North west of Plymouth
    • The flood event
      • The summer storm dropped 200 mm of rain in 4 hours
      • In just 1 hour, 90 mm of this rain fell
      • It poured down the steep hillsides into the rivers Valency and Jordan
      • Meeting in Boscastle, these rivers caused flash floods
      • A 3m high wall of water swept through the village
      • Cars were washed into the sea, riverside shops were destroyed and houses badly damaged
    • Effects on people and the environment
      • 58 buildings destroyed
      • 25 business properties destroyed
      • 84 wrecked cars were recovered from the harbor, 32 washed out to sea
      • Roads and  bridges damaged
      • People were traumatized and shocked
      • Damage costs were at least £15 million
      • Destruction of habitates
    • Medium long-term responses
      • £800 000 flood defense scheme completed in Boscastle by April 2005
      • Engineers investigated future flood control works on River Valency
    • Immediate responses
      • Emergency services responded speedily and efficiently
      • Helicopters airlifted to safety about 80 people from roof tops


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