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  • Boscastle
    • located on the north coastline of Cornwall, south-west of England
    • physical causes of flood
      • a lot of impermeable rock due to urbanisation
      • small drainage basin as it is at the bottom of a valley
        • steep sided valley means little vegetation not only means little decrease in surface run-off, but also a gain in speed
      • flash flooding
        • over 60mm fell in two hours
      • ground was saturated due to two weeks of above average rainfall
      • Boscastle is the confluence of three rivers
        • the valency
        • the river Jordon
        • the river Paradise
      • researched the geomorphology of boscastle using the environmental agency website that provides maps of locations
    • human causes
      • building on a flood plain
      • lack of vegetation
      • a lack of flood control systems
        • such as raised banks or river channels
        • BBC news article
      • the sewer and drainage systems was old and inadequate
    • googled pictures of the flood to understand the affect of the lack of management
      • vehicles swept away due to a lack of land use zoning
      • shallows bridge acted as a dam increasing volume of flood water in the village
        • people were evacuated from their roofs
          • helicopters used
    • impacts of the flood
      • difficult  recuse mission
      • a large amount of vehicles property and trees were destroyed
      • emergency accommodation had to be set up
      • people were trapped in houses increasing risk of hypothermia and shock
      • due to burst sewage pipes bosactle was inaccessible for a while


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