Poetry- Born Yesterday

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  • Born Yesterday
    • Structure
      • 14 lines- sonnet
        • This suggests that he does truly love this baby and wants what is best for her unlike the others.
      • A few rhyming lines
        • Reinforces the fact that he wants her to be normal, he has not put in any special effort for rhyme, just to keep the poem normal.
      • There is a lot of enjambment
        • This suggests that life has its ups and downs and won't be simple but she works through these problems and life will go on like the poem does.
    • Rule of three "beautiful" "spring" "love"
      • reinforces the idea that these are not realistic images, that they are something we just imagine to be perfect.
    • Metaphor "tightly-folded bud"
      • This suggests how small and young she is, and that perhaps she doesn't know what's best for herself yet, which is why he wants her to be normal.
    • He uses lots of contrasting vocab
      • This suggests the fact that he wants her to be in the middle and average as said before.


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