Borge Agression

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    • Aims
      • To compare rates of physical aggression shown by children in day care and those at home
    • Procedure
      • 3431 Canadian mothers of 2-3 year olds completed questionnaire on how often with choice of 'never', 'often' 'sometimes'
      • Questions: -kicks, bites and hits other children.
      • Questions: -reacts with anger and fighting when another child accidently hurts them
      • Questions: gets into many fights
      • Measure of family risks developed. High risk= large num of siblings, low education for mum, low status, poor family functioning
    • Findings
      • Aggression more common in home children than day care
      • Physical aggression more common in high risk families at home than day care
      • No difference in aggression for children at home and day care from low risk families (84%)
    • Conclusion
      • Day care does not lead to aggression in children and may protect them from high risk homes


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