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  • Social critique of the Judgement of taste & the forms of capital - Bordieu 1984 / 1986
    • 'class fractions' are determined by varying degrees of social, economic & cultural capital
      • dominant 'ruling' class has the power to shape which attributes are valued, & are in a position to acquire & pass on capital to their children (spawn)
    • cultural capital
      • knowledge, attitudes, skills, education & advantages that a person has giving them higher status
    • economic capital
      • economic resources, cash & assets
    • social capital
      • resources based on group membership, relationships, networks of influence & support
    • all the capitals are interrelated & someone with high levels of one type of capital is more likely to attain others too
    • cultural capital is the most significant for B
      • parents provide for their spawn with cc by transmitting  attitudes & knowledge
      • may include right ways of speaking & behaving in different situations
      • knowledge of high culture, etiquette, confidence in different social situations
      • those with high levels of cc will be in a position to accumulate other forms of capital too
    • Bordieu is a Marxist, argued that the power of the ruling class allows them to define the knowledge & skills that are valued
    • ensure that they & their children are in the best position to acquire them, giving an unfair advantage


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