Book 8

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  • Book 8
    • Athene goes to the land of the Phaeacians disguised as one of Alcinous heralds
      • he tells all the captains and counsellors to come to the assembly to here about a strangers arrival
        • Alcinous tells his men to run a black ship with 52 young oarsmen to row the stranger home
          • once the oars have been fixed in place the oarsmen will come the kings palace for a feast
    • the feast
      • Demoducus says the bard of the fight between Odysseus and Achilles
        • hearing this makes Odysseus cry
          • Pathos and irony
        • he's a blind bard
          • representative of the Homeric bard who was thought to be blind
        • shows Odysseus' heroic stature
        • enhance his kleos
    • they begin the Phaeacian games
      • Alcinous tells Odysseus that they're the champions of boxing, wrestling, jumping and running
      • Laodamas suggests that they should ask Odysseus to join in
        • Odysseus refuses because he says he is 'too sick at heart to think of games'
          • Euryalus then insults him by saying that he looks more like a skipper of a merchant crew than an Athlete
            • Odysseus picks up the largest discus (larger than any of the discuses that the Phaeacians used)
              • he threw it a lot further than the Phaeacians ever could
              • the disguised Athene praises his throw (adding to his Kleos)
              • proves his physical excellence
              • he responds to the rudeness point fully and tactfully
      • Alcinous is worried that Euryalus' word will of tainted Odysseus' opinion of the Phaeacians
      • Demodocus then sings another bard
        • this one is of Ares and Aphrodite
          • Aphrodite was married to Hephaestus
          • the sun witnessed that Ares was having an affair with Aphrodite and told Hephaestus
          • Hephaestus built chains into his marriage bed
          • when Hephaestus was away Aphrodite slept with Ares in her marriage bed
          • the sun God informs Hephaestus of this
          • Hephaestus asks the gods to witness what Ares has done
          • he then uses the chains to tie them to the bed
            • clever and cunning
          • Poseidon convinces him to let them go by telling him that Ares will make proper atonement  to him in front of the gods and if not he will pay the fine
          • shows the triumph of craft and intelligence over passion
          • provides some light relief in the form of a humorous story
            • maintains the concentration of the audience
    • Alcinous tells the captain and councillors to find Odysseus gifts and that Euryalus must make a personal apology
      • Eruryalus gives Odysseus a bronze sword which has a silver hilt and a sheath of carved ivory
        • he honours Odysseus and apologies for his behaviour
    • Odysseus is given fine clothing and is bathed
      • she wishes him good luck
      • she asks that he remembers how she saved him
      • they have another feast
        • Odysseus then compliments Demodocus for singing the tale of the Trojan so accurately
          • for example he sings about how some wanted to hurl the Trojan horse with their spears, some wanted to through rocks at it and how some wanted to honour it as a gift
        • he then tells the story of how Poseidon said one day a god would wreck their ship from coming back from a journey
          • build dramatic tension


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