Book 7

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  • Book 7
    • Odysseus is alone
      • Athene covers him in a thick mist
        • she does this to ensure no high handed Phaeacian insults him or asks him for his name
        • Athene disguises herself as a young girl carrying a pitcher and directs him to King Alcinous' house
        • she tells him to be bold when approaching Alcinous
          • this will ensure he receives xenia
        • Devine assistance enhances a hero's kleos
          • she holds the key to his survival
    • the Phaeacians worship Poseidon because he is King Alcinous' grandfather
      • they have connection with the Cyclopes
      • the have a well developed understanding of right and wrong
      • they shows good xenia and welcome the stranger unconditionally and treat him with the upmost courtesy
    • Arete is the Queen
      • her husband treats her with 'extraordinary and heartfelt devotion'
      • people look at her as if she was a goddess because she is wise and good at solving people's disputes
      • her name means 'prayed to' in Greek
    • King Alcinous' house is divine
      • the high rood radiated like that of the sun or the moon
        • magnificent building
      • Bronze walls
      • Golden doors
        • with door handles made of gold
      • posts of silver which were set in the bronze threshold
      • 50 maids in his house
      • chairs made of silver
      • his house is heaven like
      • the place is opulent and beautiful with artworks made by Hephaestus himself (son of zeus)
      • the garden represents beauty and productivity ordered


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