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  • book 6
    • virgil negs permission from the gods of the underworld to reveal their secrets
    • aneas and sybil more forward to the acheron
      • the feryman charon takes the dead bodies who have been given proper burial rights arocc the river
        • if not they have to wait 100 years
        • charon will not let them across but then sybil tells him this is aeneas and shows him the golden bough that they got from poserpina
      • the sybil deals with the guard dog by given him food containing seductive drugs
      • five groups in the underworld
        • infants who have been taken away from their mothers
        • people who have killed themself becausee they hates thier lives on earth
        • men who are sentaces to death on a false charge
        • those who died from love- suicide
        • ghosts of dead warriors
    • tatarus left side bottom less pitt
      • tityos body was spread over nine acreas a vulture gnawed at his liver looking for food, which kept growing back
      • mortal sinners crimes adultery, ilegal intercourse, hate of brother, crimes against romes eg selling ones country for gold
    • elysium
      • just like earth
      • they wrestle fight dance and sing
      • they find anchises 'three times he tried to put his arms around him'
      • they are given new bodies


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