book 6

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  • book 6
    • country of the phaeacians
      • ruled by king Alcinous
        • who has a daughter called Nausicaa
          • Nausicaa is tall and as beautiful as a goddess
          • nausicaa has pale arms because she is rich
    • Athene appeared to nausicaa in a dream
      • she called nausicaa lazy because she wasn't married
      • she tells her to go to the washing pools
    • nausicaa asks her father for the wagon so she can go do some washing
      • her mother gave her 'various kinds of appetizing provisions and delicacies'
      • 'and poured some wine into a goatskin bottle'
    • Odysseus is an awe at naussicaa's courage
      • she thinks he is a good man and offers to help
      • odysseus asks for directions to the city and some rags
      • Odysseus needs to be a supplicant but as he is naked he does this verbally ' i am at your knees'
        • resourceful
    • athene made Odysseus taller, sturdier and his hair bushier
      • nausicaa felt id only he was content with staying here then he would make a perfect husband
        • ' i wish i had a man like him for my husband'
    • nausicaa leads Odysseus to the city and tells him to ask for the great hearted alcinous
      • she makes him walk behind
        • people will presume he is her husband and as he is not a pheaecian this will ruin her reputaion
        • she is aware of sexual morality because she is civilized
      • Odysseus will find Odysseus sitting on his thrown next to his wife drinking wine like a god
        • he must clasp the kings wife's knees
      • Odysseus prays to athene to give him wisdom
        • he prays that the phaecians will grant him with kindness and compassion


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