Book 5

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  • Book 5
    • The Trojans go to Sicily
      • home of Acestes a fellow Trojan
    • This is the first anniversary of Anchises death
      • they have a feast to celebrate and Acestes provides the head of two oxen for each ship
      • Aeneas pours the libation of wine, milk and sacrificial blood to his father
        • a snake then appears and slithers between the alters and around the tomb and tastes the libation
          • Aeneas believes this is the spirit of Anchises
    • Boat race
      • boaters have to race their boat around a rock which has a green branch of holm-oak and back
      • Gyas is in the lead but his helmsmen in fearful about the rocks
        • this gives cloanthus the opportunity to overtake
        • in his anger Gyas pushes Menates over board
      • sergestus steers his boat too close to the rocks and runs aground
    • Running race
      • Nisus falls on blood that has been spilt
        • he knows that he cant win so he trips up salus so that his friend Euryalus can win
      • Aeneas is tactful and gives everyone honourable prizes
        • soothing the broken egos
      • comical
    • Boxing match
      • Dares was the only man who would stand against Paris
      • Entellus puts on heavy gauntlets
        • Aeneas says this is unfair and makes him takes them off
      • Dares had youth on his side and thrashed Entellus
        • Aeneas stops the fight kindly by saying that the gods must not be on Dares side
    • Archery contest
      • to win they must hit the mast and set free the doves
      • However when Acestes goes to shoot the mast has been hit, the cord to conceal the doves has also as well as the doves
      • So Acestes shoots and arrow in the air which bursts into flames
        • this omen represents the greatness of Segesta which will ally with Rome
    • Games finish with a parade of the men
      • lead by three noble men; Iulus, the son of Polites and Atys
        • looks confidently to the next generation
    • Juno's intervention
      • sends down iris disguised as Beroe and noble trojan
        • stirs up the females who are sick of travelling
          • says shes had a dream from Cassandra tha they should set fire to the ships
          • Pyrgo recognises that this s a god and they feel they should fulfil the wishes of a god
      • Ascanius gallops off immediately and tries to calm the women
        • Jupiter sends rain to calm the fire
      • Aeneas is in despair
        • Nautes advises him to leave the men and women who are worn out with Acestes
        • Hes torn
        • Anchises appears to him in a dream bringing news from Jupiter
          • tells him to follow Nautes advise and to visit him in te underworld
    • Venus gets Neptune to give Aeneas a safe passage to the river Avernus
      • to ensure this one man must be taken as a sacrifice
      • Polinurus was on helm when the god of sleep came to him
        • tried to convince him to go to sleep as the waves are calm
          • refuses out of respect for Aeneas
            • God of sleep sends him to sleep and then sends him over board


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