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  • book 4
    • dido vows never to re-marry
      • but she is falling hopelesly in love with aeneas
      • anna tells her the advantages
        • she could have more children
        • she wouldnt waste her youthfulness
        • would be good as thier are prostects of war with tyre
        • dido's mind is changed
    • dido spends all her time with aenas so building carthage comes to a hault
    • juno wants aenas and dido to marry and have carthage as thier dowry
      • venus says she will only agree to this if jupiter agrees
      • juno makes a plan for thier marriage
        • the trojans and trians are hunting when juno causes a strom
        • everyone runs for shelter
        • did and aenas arrive at the same cave alone
        • they consumate their love
        • did thinks this means trhey are married but aneas does not
    • rumour runs through libya gossiping that aenas and dido are married
      • iarbas one of dido's former suitors hears this and is angry
      • iarbus is a son of fupitors after he had an affair with an african nympth
      • iarbus tells jupiter
      • jupiter sends mercury to remind aneas of his duty
        • he tells him that he is being selfish
        • he is detroying ascanius future
        • aenas is anxious to obey


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