book 2

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  • book 2
    • the Trojans find that the greeks have gone
      • they think they have left
      • they have actually sailed to tenedos
      • in there place is a wooden horse
        • some think it is a trap
          • lacoon thinks it is a trap and stabs its belly with a sword
            • lacoon in the priest of neptune
        • some think it is a present
    • sinon  a greek prisoner is dragged in
      • he claims he was dilkes by ulysses and so was choosen to be sacrifices to ensure good weather on thier journey
        • he managed to escape
        • he hates the greeks
        • begs for pity
        • Trojans take pity on him and spare his life
    • wooden horse
      • offering to Athena
        • after they destroyed a statue of her
      • 'skilled in deceit'
      • if the Trojans destroy it they will be punished but if they take it into their walls then the Greeks will be no longer protected
      • lacoon was sacrificing a bull to Neptune when he was attacked by two sea serpents
        • the two serpents then disappeared into Athena's temple
        • they also killed his two sons
        • this convince the Trojans that sinon was telling the truth
      • they drag the horse into troy and start celebrating
    • as night falls the Greeks fleet sail back
      • sinon lets ulyssess and eight other Greeks out of the horse
      • they open the gates for the rest of the greeks


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