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  • BOOK 21
    • Athene prompts Penelope to give the suitors the challenge of the great bow
      • the Bow was given to Odysseus by Iphitus
        • Odysseus had gone to Messene to collect some debt after the Messenians stole 300 sheep from Ithaca
        • Odysseus was trust with this mission even though he was only a boy at the time
        • on his mission Odysseus met Iphitus who gave him the bow
          • before they could offer each other hospitality Iphitus was killed
          • Odysseus  gave him a sharp sward and a strong spear
          • these gifts were token of the beginning of a warm friendship
        • Odysseus didn't take the bow to troy because it is used for hunting not fighting
      • Penelope challenges the suitors by saying that whoever can string the bow mast easily and shoot an arrow through 12 axes will be her husband
        • this another way to delay remarrying but she doesn't realise
      • he handing it over she is bidding her last farewell to Odysseus
    • Eumaeus is given the task of handing over the bow and axes
      • he cries as he does so
        • Antinous shouts at him for crying and says its unsettling for Penelope
    • Telemachus is first to have ago
      • he tries three times and fails
        • on the fourth time he is close to stringing to bow but Odysseus hints at him not to succeed
          • shows he is young but is strong and takes after his father
    • Leodes has a go
      • he manages to tie the bow but runs out of energy before he can string it
        • Antinous laughs at his failure
          • however Antinous hangs back and does step forward to have ago
    • Melanthius then had a go but failed
    • the beggar asks the cowherd and the swineherd If it cam to fighting who's side they would be on
      • they reply that they would be on his
        • Odysseus then reveals himself to them
          • he tells them that he feels assured of their loyalty and says he will find them a wife and build them houses near his
          • to prove it is him he reveals his scar to them
          • he asks Eumaeus to make sure he has a go with the bow
            • he also asks Eumaeus to make sure the female quarters are locked
      • swineherd is called Eumaeus
      • cowherd is called Philoteus
    • Eurymachus tries and fails
      • he's not disappointed that he wont marry Penelope but that he's not as strong as Odysseus
        • shows that they're didn't really care about Penelope
    • the suitors make libations to the great archer Apollo
      • Odysseus tells him to leave it to the gods
        • Apollo will give his favourite the strength to win
    • Penelope lets Odysseus have ago
      • but if he wins his prize will be that she'll see him safely to where ever he wants to go
      • Telemachus sends Penelope to her room
        • Athene sends her into a deep sleep
    • Eurycleia locked all the doors leading out of the great hall
    • Odysseus strung the bow with ease
      • he then didn't miss a single axes


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