Book 1

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  • Book 1
    • Odysseus is being held captive by Calypso in Ogyia
      • Athene Zeus of not being on Odysseus side and punishing him
      • Athene brings up Odysseus returning because Poseidon is away visiting the Ethiopians
      • Athene sends Hermes to tells Calypso the news
    • Meanwhile Athene goes to Ithaca to give Telemachus courage to get rid of the suitors
      • she finds the suitors eating, drinking and playing checkers
        • Telemachus is angry that they're taking advantage of his father's absence
      • Telemachus shows good Xenia and doesn't leave her standing by the gate for to long
    • Athene reveals her self as Mentes
      • son of a prince
      • chief man of the sea- faring taphins
      • she tells him that their families have being friends for a long time
        • if he didn't believe mentes then he could go ask Laertes
      • this characterisation makes him trust her and open up to her
      • she says that she came because she heard that Odysseus was home
        • a sign that the gods must be hindering Odysseus' return
    • the difficulty of Odysseus absence
      • no proper burial rites can be given
      • Telemachus has no great name to inherit
      • Penelope wishes to stay univira but will have to marry soon
    • Mentes comes up with a plan to get rid of the suitors
      • first call all the Achaean Lords to Assembly and announce that all the suitors must go
      • if his mother wants to re-marry then she must go back to her fathers house because he will give her a generous dowry
      • Telemachus must then find a ship and go request into his father
        • if he picks up a rumour from Zeus then its likely that Odysseus will return
        • he should then go to Sparta to see Menelaus
        • he is hears that his father is alive then he should continue doing this for another year
          • if her hears that he's dead he should return, build a burial mound and give his mother away in marriage
    • Athene leaves, she plants spirit and daring into Telemachus' heart
    • Penelope is listening to one of the suitors' poem
      • Telemachus intervenes and tells her to go and attend her work because,' making decisions must be the men's concern and mine in particular
      • his dominance  shows he's becoming a man
    • suitors pray out loud that they may sleep with Penelope
    • Telemachus announces that in the morning he will tell them to go home and if they down he will fight them
    • Telemachus goes to bed
      • he's escorted by the 'faithful Eurycliea'
      • Laertes bought her for 20 Oxen
        • out of respect for his wife he didn't sleep with her


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