Book 19

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  • Book 19
    • Odysseus says its time for Telemachus to hide all the weapon
      • Telemachus tells Eurycleia to keep the maids locked up while he does this deed
        • Eurycleia is happy that he's taking care of his household
    • Penelope is chaperoned by her maids at all times
    • Melantho a female maid is disrespectful to Odysseus
      • she tells him to clear off he should be glad he was given a meal
        • irony as he tells her to be careful because one day her ill behaviour may loose her her behaviour
        • Penelope is ashamed of her behaviour to Odysseus
    • Penelope asks for his forgiveness, she has neglected him because she is overcome with suitors
    • she has been trying to delay remarrying
      • she said she would not remarry till she had finished her weaving
        • every night she would untie all she had weaved i the day
          • this was successful for three years
    • he tells her he is from Crete
      • he tells her that his name is Aethon
        • it was given the responsibility of going to meet Odysseus and offer him the gifts of friendship
          • Penelope cries when she hears Odysseus' name
            • this caused great distress for Odysseus but he kept strong so he didn't give his identity away
            • she tries to not be too gullible and asks him to tell her what clothes he was wearing, what he looked like and what he's men looked like
              • he says Odysseus was wearing a thick purple cloak, on it was a golden broach on it was a hound holding down a dappled fawn
                • he also accurately describes his squire
                • Penelope feels this is an accurate description and says he will be an honoured guest in her house
          • he tells her he has news of his return and that he is in thesprotia now is making his way home with a large fortune
            • he tells her the truth that he lost all his companions on his way from thrinacie
            • he return has been delayed because he wanted to build up his wealth and return with a large booty
            • Penelope tells him that if what he says is true they'll become good friends
              • if it's true then she'll see a safe passage home for him
            • but she is doubtful that he is speaking the truth
        • her offered Odysseus Xenia for 12 days
    • he doesn't want the other  maids to wash his feet out of fear that they insult and sneer at his feet
      • Eurycliea washes his feet
      • she immediately  comments on his resemblance to Odysseus
      • straight away she recognised the scar he got when he was a lot younger from the white tusk of a boar when visiting Autolycus
        • Autolycus was his grandfather and he had named Odysseus
        • when Odysseus was older he went stay with them
          • one day he went out hunting and they came across a 'mighty boar'
            • Odysseus was the first to as (brave) but the boar's tusk struck him above his knee and gave him his scar
      • she is extremely elated as she recognises her master
        • she was close to getting Penelope's attention
          • but Athene had distracted Penelope
      • he puts his hands around her throat and tells her that if she tells anyone they he'll kill her
        • she says she will go th
    • Penelope asks him if he should remarry
      • he tells her she shouldn't because the suitors are all doomed
    • Penelope went to bed and Penelope filled her eyes with sleep
    • Penelope's dream
      • she kept 20 geese which she love looking at
        • a great eagle comes and breaks their necks
          • the eagle comes back and tells her not to be sorrowful
      • the geese was the suitors and the eagle is Odysseus
        • the suitors are ill fated
        • irony as this is about to come true
      • omen for the audience that good fortune is about to come


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