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  • Book 13
    • they sacrifice an ox to zeus
      • so that he will return safely
    • Odysseus is then presented with gifts
      • having a large booty will look admirable when he returns
    • they escort Odysseus to the ship and then they lay out a rug for him so that he can sleep while they travel
      • Odysseus immediately falls into a deep sleep
    • they arrive at Ithaca
      • they carry Odysseus and place him on the ground
      • they store his booty behind an olive tree so that no passer by will steal it
      • Lord Poseidon is furious that Odysseus has reached his homeland
        • he feels that now none of the mortals or immortals will have an respect for him
          • to punish the Phaeacians he will wreck their ship as they're arriving
            • he will also fence their town in with a ring of mountains
              • Zeus persuades him to not do this
            • their were plenty of spectators who could see the ship turned to stone
              • he remembers being told this would happen from a prophecy because Poseidon resents that they give safe conduct to all
                • to stop Poseidon from putting a ring of mountains around the city they must sacrifice 12 bulls to Poseidon
    • Odysseus wakes up and doesn't recognise Ithaca because Athene has put him in a mist
      • she wants to be able to talk to him so that she can tell him everything that has happened and so that he's not recognised by his wife
      • he is extremely angry because he thinks he's been taken to a foreign land and they're stolen his booty
        • he prays that Zeus punishes them
        • he finds his booty and checks it and realises that nothing is missing
    • Athene appears disguised as a Shepard
      • Odysseus appears as a supplicant and asks where he is
        • he pretends he's an exile from crete
          • Athene admires his cunningness
          • builds dramatic irony because he's lying to Athene
          • after killing a man
      • she is surprised that he doesn't recognise the person who is always by his side
      • she tells him that she is here to help him hide his booty and to warn him of the trials that he will face
      • Athene could not get rid of Poseidon's curse because she didn't want to oppose her uncle
      • Athene removes the mist so that he recognises his own country
        • she then tells him to hide his booty in the corner of a sacred cave
      • Odysseus thanks Athene for ensuring that he didn't come to the same death on his homecoming as Agamemnon did
    • Athene withers Odysseus' skin and takes away his locks and puts rags on him
      • This will ensure that he isnt recognised
    • Now not a story of nostos but one of revenge
    • she advised him to go an question the swineherd while she goes an summons Telemachus


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