book 12

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  • BOOK 12
    • Aeaea (Circe) - bury Elpenor
    • Go to underworld
    • Aeaea - return from Hades. Feast all day long. Men asleep. Circe tells Od about sirens (men-wax in ears, Od tied to mast to listen)
    • Tells him about Scylla (yelp like a new born pup, 12 feet, 6 long necks, heads and triple row of fangs)
    • Tells him about Charybdis (3x spews up, 3x swallows down)
    • Island of Thrinacie- Sun God's cattle (don't touch or eat)
    • Sirens- wax in mens ears, Od tied to mast (gestured with eyebrows)
    • Scylla & Charybdis- on both sides, eats 6 strongest men
    • Sun God- 3rd night huge gale. 1 month past. Od prays (Gods put Od to sleep)
      • Eurylochus wicked plan. Kills cattle - eats them. 6 days feast on cattle. 7th day sails ship - destroyed, Od survives. Sails past Scylla &Charybdis.
        • Calypso's island


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