Book 10.2

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  • Book 10 part2
    • Gods opinions
      • Jupiter appears loving and caring towards his wife
      • he gently tried to convince her to stop interfering
        • juno complains that if he was a loving husband then he would deny her her wish
      • Jupiter reveals that its Venus who maintains the strength of the Trojans
      • Jupiter agrees that Turnus should be kept safe for his father Daunus
        • he will allow juno to rescue Turnus
          • this can be done if he flees
            • the course of the war cant be changed
          • due to his desire for Kleos and cruel death is inevitable
          • he creates an effigy of Aeneas
            • taken to the docks and juno moores the boat Turnus is on
            • effigy then flies into the air
              • Turnus realises he's been tricked and feels pathetic
    • Mezentius
      • compared to a rock that is unharmed by crashing rocks
        • the force of armies
        • builds tension
          • potential to harm Aeneas
      • He throws his spear at Aeneas but misses
        • Lausus tries to protect his father
          • Aeneas thrashes him with his sword
            • he then feels guilt because like him he was devoted to his father
              • shows clemency and doesn't take his armour as a spoil
      • he's distraught and blames himself
        • realises how awful and painfull war is
      • Challenges Aeneas to a duel
        • his swords protect him for mezentius' spears
          • Aeneas throws a spear at his horse which knocks him off
            • begs that he can be buried with his son
            • that the arcadians don't punish his dead body


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