Book 10.1

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  • Book 10 part1
    • the council of the gods
      • Jupiter wishes to take action against the carnage in Italy
        • he expected the Trojans to be peacefully in Sicily
      • Venus blames juno for the suffering
        • juno argues that she didn't force aeneas to go to Italy
          • blames Venus for starting the Trojan war
        • turnus is strong and skilled
          • jeopardises the re-birth of troy
        • show piety to the gods
          • shouldn't be punished
        • if he cant control juno then she pleas that he'll protect Ascanius
      • Jupiter says he will not side with either of them
        • he stays neutral and allows the fates to decide
          • fate doesn't equal gods will
      • Jupiter nods and then leaves
        • his nod causes the whole of Olympus to shake
          • shows his power
    • Ascanius
      • referred to a boy
      • virgil says that Venus cares about him above everyone else
      • compared to a 'gem sparkling'
        • high value
    • Virgil asks the muse than he can open up about Mount Helicon
      • Aeneas is on his way with a large mass of allies
        • Nymph appears to him and tells him that Ascanius and his men are trapped by the missiles of the latins
        • they are the nympths of the Goddess Cybele
          • he prays to her that she will give him her blessing in battle
        • he tells his men to prepare to fight
          • as Aeneas reaches the camp a flame appears above his head
            • represents good things
            • he's depicted as eager to fight
    • Arcadians see the floor covered with bodies and begin to flee
      • pallas reminds them of their pride for their Kleos
        • also that theyre equal in skill
      • he sets an example and ' threw himself into the thick of his enemies'
        • showing his bravery
        • theyre encouraged by his actions
    • he death of Pallas
      • Lausus was going to fight Pallas
        • equal in strength
        • Jaturna advises Turnus to take his place
          • pallas is proud that he has the opportunity to fight Turnus
          • turnus is depicted as a lion with an advantage point
            • unfair fight
      • pallas takes the first move
        • he prays to Hercules
          • causes great pain for Hercules because he's helpless
        • turnus causes a deep wound for Pallas with his spear
          • turnus relishes that Evander will be punishes for helping Aeneas
            • he puts his foot on pallas' face and tears off his baldric
              • on his baldric is n image of young innocent men being killed on their wedding night by clonus
            • this is the start of Turnus' ill fate
        • Jupiyer says that everyone life is short so he honours thos who act bravey  and shorten their life even further for a death full of Kleos




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