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  • BOOK 10
    • Aeolus- stays for a month - bag of wind. Men jealous, open bag blown away from Ithaca
      • Aeolus refuses to help again
    • Laetrygonians - 2 men & 1  messenger explore. Antiphates' daughter meets them. Antiphates eats one. Laest's attack , men retreat to ships.
      • All mens ships destroyed apart from Od
    • Circe; kills stag, rousing speed: half the crew explore lead by Eurylochus
    • Men turned to pigs by Circe, Eurylochus doesn't go in house, tells Od, says they should leave
      • Od says no and goes to find men, meet Hermes, given Moly (black roots and milky white flower)
    • 'beats' Circe. Men turned back stay for a year (given instructions to Hades)


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