Bonnie and Clyde/ Vertigo

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  • Bonnie and Clyde
    • The cinematography focused more on realism than special effects, however the slow motion effects like during the ending scene also showing Bonnie nude at the start was very controversial at the time.
    • The style of cinematography comes from a merge of French New Wave and Classical Hollywood
    • Lots of scene changing, quick time cuts. From them sleeping to robbing very quickly.
    • The use o Asynchronous or expressionistic sound design and music. Whilst there was a brutal chase scene, the music was very comical and happy.
    • Along with being seen nude at the start, Bonnie is shown off as wanting to have a sexual relationship with Clyde without getting married which was frowned upon during the times it was made, so it was quite controversial and very extraordinary for the times as men were seen to be the ones always wanting sex.
    • The violent and gory scenes, when the officer is shot in the head and when Bonnie and Clyde are brutally murdered were a big jump for film, however it was also inspired by the gruesome pictures of the Vietnam war taken at the time.
    • Bonnie and Clyde shows off anti-heroes Bonnie and Clyde only steal from the rich and are nice to people who are in need, they helped the farm owner relieve some of his anger and even shook hands with his servant of a different colour, which shows they respects all people who deserve it no matter what colour, this was very unusual for people at the time.
    • Distrust in authority is also shown throughout the film. It was a big thing for Clyde when he had to shoot the police officer, compared to the final scene whereas the officers at the final scene bombarded them with bullets, with no shame at all. Many people Bonnie and Clyde spoke too weren't even upset by the fact they were criminals.


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