Quick Summary of the different types of bonds

This is a quick summary of the 3 main types of bonding studied at AS chemistry. The 3 types are metallic, Covalent and Ionic.

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  • Bonding
    • Ionic
      • Definition : Ionic bonding is the result of electrostatic attraction between two oppositely charged ions. The positive ions are formed from metals (usually) and negative ions are usually formed from non-metals
      • Examples include: NaCl, AgCl, FeO, Fe2O3
    • Covalent
      • Examples include: Methane, Ammonia, CO2, H2, Hydrogen Cyanide
      • Shared Electrons
    • Metallic
      • A type of atomic bond that occurs when atoms "share" electrons that float about in a general electron cloud. Metals are held together by metallic bonds.
      • Examples include: Mg2+
  • Shared Electrons


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