Bond Polarity

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  • Bond Polarity
    • Electro-negativity
      • Power of an atom to attract a pair of electrons in a covalent bond
      • Number of electron shells
        • More electron shells so bonding electrons more shielded
        • Decreased
      • Atomic Radius
        • Increase
        • Smaller atomic radious = nucleus closer to BP
      • Nuclear Charge
        • More protons in nucleus so stronger attraction to bonding pair
        • Increaed
      • Trends
        • Down a group - decreasing
          • Electron shells increase, and atom gets larger
        • Across a period - increasing
          • Increasing nuclear charge and decrease in atom size
    • Polar Covalent Bond
      • Polarity = unequal sharing of electrons in bond
        • Two atoms of same electro-negativity
        • Electrons shared equally
        • eg) Cl-Cl
      • POLAR BOND
        • Two atoms of different electro-negativity
        • Electrons not shared equally - closer to most electro-negative
        • eg) HCl


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