Body Response to Stress

Bodies Response to Stress, From Memory will correct if its Wrong.

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  • Body Response to Stress
    • Threat Detected by Cortex/Limbic System
      • Hypothalamus
        • HPA PAthway
          • Pituitary Gland
            • Stimulates Hormone ACTH
              • Stimulates Adrenal Cortex
                • Release of Corticosteroids like Cortisol Into the blood
                  • Long Term Responses like Liver uses Stored Energy and Suppression of Immune System
          • Long Term Response
          • Chronic Stress
        • SAM Pathway
          • Sympathetic Nervous System Activated
            • Stimulates Adrenal Medulla
              • Stimulates Release of Adrenalin and Noradrenalin into the Blood
                • Activates Fight or Flight Responses
                  • Increased Blood Pressure, Increase Heart Rate, Pupils Dilate and Quick release of Oxygen to the blood.
          • Short Term Response
          • Acute Stress


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