GCSE RE Body and Soul (Mainly about soul)

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  • Body and Soul
    • What is a soul?
      • Christian opinions
        • Humans have a body, mind AND soul - more unique.
        • The soul is invisible
          • It lives forever.
      • What a person sees as being a soul will effect their opinion on Life after Death.
      • A person who believes in a soul
        • Might believe that death isn't the end.
    • Christian beliefs about the soul..
      • It is party of the human but not physical feature.
      • It lives on after the body dies.
      • It is an spiritual aspect of a human - unique.
      • They do not believe in reincarnation- only one life on earth.
    • QUOTES
      • ' God created man in his own image'
      • 'Breathed into his nostrils the breath of life'


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