Bob Cratchit.

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  • Bob Cratchit.
    • Obedient.
      • "he tried to warm himself at the candle."
      • His efforts to warm himself at the candle are pitiful.
      • He would prefer to do this than challenge scrooge.
    • Generous.
      • "I'll give you Mr.Scrooge the founder of the feast!"
      • Scrooge is too miserly to offer his clerk a decent wage.
      • Cratchit is generous enough to be grateful to his boss.
    • Sensitive.
      • "My little, little child!" cried Bob. "My little child!"
      • The repetition of "little" add to the sad effect of Bob's cry. We feel sympathy for him at this point.
    • Fearful.
      • "It's only once a year, sir," pleaded Bob, appearing from the Tank.
      • Bob "pleaded" which shows he is worried about being punished by Scrooge.


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