Blood vessels

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  • Blood vessels
    • Artery
      • Carry blood away from heart
      • Thick walls with elastic tissue to withstand high pressure from heart
      • Inner lining (endothelium) folded to allow artery to expand
      • Small lumen  to maintain high pressure
      • Carries oxygenated blood except for pulmonary artery
    • Caplliary
      • One cell thick - endothelium
      • Adapted for efficient diffusion
      • Contains no elastic fibres as there is little pressure in capillaries
      • Exchanges substances by diffusion e.g. oxygen and glucose into cells
    • Vein
      • Takes blood back to the heart
      • Wide lumen as it is under low pressure
      • Contain valves to stop blood flowing backwards
      • Blood flow is helped by contraction of body muscles surrounding veins
      • Carries deoxygenated blood except for pulmonary veins


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