Blood vessels

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  • Blood Vessels
    • ARTERY
      • Function
        • Carry blood away from the heart at high pressure
      • Adaptations
        • Thick wall (due to high pressure)
        • Thick inner layer of muscle and elastic fibres
        • Narrow lumen (increase pressure)
    • VEIN
      • Function
        • Return blood to heart at low pressure
      • Adaptations
        • Thin wall (due to low pressure)
        • Thin inner layer of muscle and elastic fibres
        • Wide lumen
        • Valves prevent back flow
      • Function
        • Allow exchange of materials between blood and tissues
      • Adaptations
        • Very thin wall (single layer of cells)
        • Narrow lumen (same diameter as red blood cell)
        • White blood cell can squeeze through the walls


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