Blood Pressure

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  • Blood Pressure
    • Systolic Pressure
      • Highest point of pressure, when the heart contracts.
    • Diastolic Pressure
      • Lowest point of pressure, when the heart relaxes.
    • Things that increase blood pressure.
      • Smoking
        • Smoking increases high blood pressure by.
          • CARBON MONOXIDE, which combines irreversibly with haemoglobin, meaning the heart has to beat faster so that the tissue gets enough oxygen pumped round to it.
          • NICOTINE, which increases the heart rate.
      • Being overweight
      • Excess alcohol
      • Stress
    • Things that decrease blood pressure.
      • Having a balanced diet.
      • Regular exercise.
      • In extreme cases, drugs can be used.
    • Effects of high blood pressure.
      • Blood vessels may burst
        • Stroke
        • Brain damage
        • Kidney damage
    • Effects of low blood pressure.
      • Poor circulation
      • Dizziness/fainting


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