Blood Clotting

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  • Blood Clotting
    • Damaged tissues expose collagen fibres to the air
      • Platelets stick to the collagen fibres
        • Platelets release a chemical that makes all platelets sticky
          • The platelets stick to eachother
            • A plug is formed
              • Thromboplastin is released by damaged tissues and platelets
                • Thromboplastin turns blood protein prothrombin into active enzyme thrombin
                  • Thrombrin turns blood protein fibrinogen into fibrin fibres
                    • Fibrin is in the form of long, insoluble fibres which join together
                      • The fibrin fibres form a mesh
                        • The mesh lies over the top of the wound, causing a blood clot
                          • The blood clot turns into a scab
                            • Blood loss stops


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