Blood circulation

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  • Blood circulation
    • Arteries
      • carry blood away from the heart
      • carry oxygenated blood
        • except pulmonary artery, carrying deoxygenated blood from the heart to lungs.
      • Lumen- gets smaller the further you go from the heart
        • smallest being arterioles
      • walls contain elastic fibres so they can stretch so they dont get damanged
      • peripheral arteries- further from the heart
    • Capillaries
      • arterioles lead to cappillaries
      • branch between cells
        • diffusion can happen quickly through cells
      • relatively small so blood moves slowly
        • diffusion happens through opportunity
      • walls are very thin, fit between cells
        • one cell thick
      • blood into capillary has lots of oxygen
      • blood leaving the capillary has less oxygen
    • Veins
      • blood back to the heart
      • deoxygenated blood
        • except pulmonary vein- oxygenated blook to heart from lungs
      • 2 veins carry back to the heart.
        • inferior vena cava- lower parts of body
        • superior vena cava- upper parts of body
      • blood pressure inside is relatively low
      • semilunar valves
        • stop backflow
    • circulation system
      • single circulation
        • heart pumps deoxygenated blood to the gills.
          • fishhh
      • double circulation
        • need more oxygen
        • maintain body temperature
        • two circulation systems
          • systemic circulation
            • oxygenated to cells and deoxygenated to the heart
          • pulmonary circulation
            • deoxygenated from heart to lungs to be oxygenated


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