Blood Brothers mind map: Themes

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  • Blood brothers, themes.
    • Social class
      • Two different social classes.
      • Wealth brings privilage.
      • treated differently by the law
    • Nature vs Nurture
      • How much a person's life is determined by inherited genetics.
      • Environment they grow up in.
      • Boys- twins, differences due to their upbringing
      • attitudes in society influence people's lives
    • Fate, bad luck & destiny
      • Trapped, plagued, by bad luck.
      • Main character's misfortune
    • Friendship
      • Strong despite social backgrounds
      • unemployment and poverty hits Mickey. Edward seems to him to be from a different world.
      • human nature is blind to social conventions.
      • two characters go their separate ways, shaped and moulded by education, wealth and social status, tensions develop between them.
    • Education
      • wealth brings different educational opportunities and these lead to very different lifestyles.
      • Edward Uni, politics.
      • factory job making boxes. Redundancy
      • crime, drug addiction and depression.
      • lack of education has provided her with no easy means of escape.
      • middle-class education, is still not self-reliant
      • Uwomen lead have less freedom, even when they are educated.ntitled
    • Growing up.
      • carefree game in Act One
      • pressures of growing up in different backgrounds and educational systems
    • Men & Women
      • either let down by their husbands or receive no affection from them.
    • Money
      • Mrs J life in debt.
      • Mrs L never content or happy
      • Money controls Mickey Edward relationship
      • Friendship with penniless Mickey can never be the same.
      • Edward wealthy goes to Uni
      • Mickey's pride allow him to accept financial help from Edward.




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