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  • Blood brothers Plot.
    • Act 1
      • Mrs Johnstone.
        • seven children despite being only 25,
        • Feel in love dancing, Marilyn Monroe
        • Looks much older
        • Twins more pressure from social to put kids into care
        • Vow of silence, swear on Bible
        • too attached to the twin she has given away.
        • leaves Lyons' house
      • Mrs Lyons
        • well off and live in a large house.
        • Lonely, husband is away
        • no children of their own
        • offers to bring up 1 of the twins
        • superstitious omen: she claims that if either twin learns of his brother, both will die.
      • Twins (7 yrs old)
        • Mickey is the twin that stayed with Mrs Johnstone
          • 'Cowboys & Indians' by big houses
        • Edward Lyons, the other twin, has seen Mickey playing and comes to find him.
        • Ed offers Mickey sweets
          • Edward is about to throw stones through some windows,
            • Mrs Johnstone and warns her harshly that any more trouble from her children will mean a court visit.
            • Mrs Lyons but chooses to explain away the trouble as merely a childish ‘prank’. He asks her to make sure Edward ‘keeps with his own kind’.
        • birthdays are identical and decide to become ‘blood brothers’. They nick their hands with Mickey’s penknife and clasp hands.
        • Edward not to mix with ‘boys like that’.
      • Linda
        • protects Mickey and tells the others to leave him alone.
        • Convince Ed to play with them.
    • Act 2
      • Teenagers
        • both families moved to the same area, and the twins live near to each other,
        • although Sammy has been put on probation for causing a fire at his school
        • local comprehensive school
          • posh boarding school.
        • Mickey on bus with Linda, Sammy joins them tries to get cheap ticket
          • Bus driver refuses, threatens conductor
        • Linda tells Mickey she loves him, but only if he doesn’t become a criminal like his brother.
        • Mickey confides to Edward that hedoesn’t know how to tell Linda he loves her.
      • offers a large sum of money to bribe Mrs Johnstone to move away, but Mrs Johnstone rejects this
        • Mrs Lyons grabs a kitchen knife and tries to stab Mrs Johnstone, but Mrs Johnstone dodges it.
        • Sammy has killed the filling-station assistant
          • prison for seven years.
            • Linda has found Mickey a job, but she won’t reveal to Mrs Johnstone who has arranged it for him.
            • Addicted to the pills, Linda tries to get him off them.
            • Councillor Eddie Lyons helps Linda & Mickey
            • Edward meeting Linda and kissing her. Mickey is shown hard at work, trying desperately to avoid taking his tablets.
              • Mrs Lyons enters and tells him that Edward and Linda are seeing each other
                • becomes frenzied, rushes home and takes a gun
                  • Mickey approaches the stage pointing his gun at Edward. He blames Edward for taking Linda from him and even accuses him of fathering Linda’s child.
                  • reveal to him that Edward is actually his twin brother and that he was given away to Mrs Lyons.
                  • Mickey screams in anger at his mother, asking why she couldn’t have given him away,
                  • accidentally goes off and Edward is killed.
                  • Mickey shouts ‘No!’ at a waiting policemen, but the police shoot him.
      • write her letters, despite Mickey being in love with her.
        • . Linda reveals that Mickey still hasn’t asked her to be a proper girlfriend.
          • Mickey arrives and Edward urges him to declare his love for Linda.
      • Untit Mickey tells his mother that Linda is pregnant and they are marrying in a month. On the wedding day Mickey loses his jobled
      • Edward comes back from university for Christmas, well dressed and happy.
        • Mickey doesn’t share his happiness and explains that he has been out of work for three months. Edward doesn’t see the problem of living life ‘on the dole’
          • He feels they no longer have anything in common
        • look-out for his gang, Edward tries to convince Linda to marry him, not knowing about her wedding or pregnancy.


Paul Dutton


A really detailed mind map to focus on revising plot. 

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