blood vessels: 3 main. B4.2

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  • blood vessels
    • Arteries
      • carry blood away from the heart to the organs.
      • carries bright red oxygenated blood.
      • arteries stretch as blood travels through them, they return to shape after. This is felt as a pulse.
      • have thick walls containing muscle and elastic fibres.
        • contain blood under high pressure.
    • veins
      • carry blood from the organs to the heart.
      • carry purple blue deoxygenated blood.
      • thin walls, have valves to prevent the backflow of blood.
        • contain blood under low pressure.
      • valves close if the blood is flowing backwards. It squeezes it back towards the heart using the skeletal muscles.
    • capillaries
      • run between individual cells and form a network of tiny vessels linking the arteries and veins.
      • narrow with thin walls. This enables substances to diffuse in and out of cells easily.
      • found in the muscles and lungs.
      • low blood pressure


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