history surgery - blood transfusions

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  • blood transfusions
    • 1901 karl landsteiner discovered the blood groups
    • before: they were using animal blood or the blood was rejected due to no knowledge of typing
    • there was then the need to store the blood to do this they used sodium citrate which prevented clotting, and citrate glucose which allowed it to be stored for several days and the start of blood banks appeared due to the need for transfusions in ww1
    • they also diluted the blood with saline solution to produce a larger quantity
    • the blood groups
      • A RhD positive (A+) A RhD negative (A-)    B RhD positive (B+) B RhD negative (B-) O RhD positive (O+) O RhD negative (O-) AB RhD positive (AB+) AB RhD negative (AB-)


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