Blood Pressure

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  • Blood Pressure
    • High blood pressure
      • Factors
        • Smoking
        • Being overweight
        • Alcohol
        • Stress
      • Reducing blood pressure
        • Regular exercise
        • Balanced diet
        • Medication in extreme cases
      • Can cause:
        • Strokes
        • Brain damage
        • Blood vessels to burst
        • Kidney damage
    • Low Blood Pressure
      • Poor circulation
      • If the brain doesn't get enough oxygen and glucose it causes dizziness, and fainting.
    • Measured in mmHg
    • Systolic and diastolic readings
      • Systolic is when the heart contracts
      • Diastolic is when the heart relaxes
    • Healthy blood pressure should not be higher than 135/85
    • Blood leaves the heart through arteries
    • Blood travels back to the heart in veins
    • Capillaries take blood to every cell in the body


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