Blood clotting

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  • 1.Platelets
    • 2.Sticky platelets
      • 3.Thromboplastin into thrombin
        • 4.Fibrinogen into fibrin
          • 5.Fibrin mesh
            • Blood clot
            • Traps more platelets and red blood cells, forming the clot
          • Fibrinogen (soluble protein) converts into fibrin (long, insoluble strands) via thrombin
        • Thromboplastin (protein) released from damaged tissue and activated platelets
        • Thromboplastin activates clotting cascade
        • Thromboplastin + Ca2+ and Vitamin K activate enzyme which converts prothrombin into thrombin (an enzyme)
      • Stick to each each other and exposed collagen to form platelet plug
    • In contact with a damaged blood vessel wall


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