Themes of Blood Brothers

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  • Blood brothers, Themes and Quotes
    • Class
      • The Johnstone's way of life compared to the Lyons way of life: any line from my child
      • The set draws attention to class divide: 'My mummy doesn't allow me  to play down here actually'
      • How class upbringing affects the boys over time:'While no one was lookin' I grew up. And you didn't because you didn't need to.
      • Different attitudes and expectations as a result of class- Narrator+ song 'Could it be what we, the English, have come to know class.
    • Motherhood
      • Mrs Johnstone; 'I love the bones of everyone of them
      • Mrs Lyons:'I took him. But I never made him mine'
      • Songs are connected to the theme and the Narrator's comments 'And that other child of mine, I haven't seen for years, although each day I pray he'll be okay.'
      • The boys relationship''s with the mothers:' She's fabulous your ma, isn't she? or 'I've explained, it's a secret. I can't tell you.' 'But...but I'm your Mother
    • Childhood
      • The games played by the children 'The whole thing's just a game
      • The twins as children:'d'you want to be me blood brother Eddie?'
      • Adolescence- the role of the Narrator in showing time passing:'If only the three of them could stay like that forever'
      • The contrast between childhood and adulthood:'While no was lookin' I grew up. And you didn't have to because you didn't need to.
    • Nature vs Nurture
      • The connection between the twins as boys: 'You say smashing things don't you?
      • The differences in upbringing between the boys: ' it sounds dead funny swearin' in that posh voice'
      • The idea of a twin: 'I will always defend me brother, and stand by him'
      • The differences  between the twins as men: 'Why didn't you give me away! ... I could of been him!
    • Superstition
      • Superstition linked to working class ideas: 'You never put new shoes on the table'
      • Mrs Lyons' manipulates Mrs Johnstone's superstition: 'You must swear on the Bible'
      • Mrs Lyons succumbs to superstition herself: '(she rushes at the table and sweeps the shoes off)'
      • The Narrator in drawing attention to superstitious portents: 'Someone broke the looking glass'


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