Blood Brothers Themes

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  • Blood Brothers Themes
    • Superstition
      • Superstition pops up a lot throughout the play
      • Mrs Lyons says that if two long lost twins find out they were twins they will both die
      • Mrs Johnstone yells at Mrs Lyons when she puts new shoes on the table
    • Violence
      • Mickey at a young age with a toy gun.
      • Mrs Lyons starts to get violent towards Mrs Johnstone
      • They play killing games like 'Kill Indians'
    • Inequality
      • Mrs Johnstone cant afford to even pay for food with her kids but Mrs Lyons has lots of money
      • Women were doing most the work while the men had left them or not doing much which shows gender inequality
      • Later in the play Mickey gets in trouble with the cops, the cop yells at Mrs Johnstone but then is nice and polite to Mr Lyons


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