Blood Brothers Context

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  • Blood Brothers Context.
    • Politics
      • Margaret Thatcher was prime minister at the time of Blood Brothers.
        • She felt that the manufacturing industry had become uncompetitive and that overly strong trade unions were too willing to call their members out on strike.
          • As a result she started to privatise companies.
      • When thatcher became prime minister she began proceedings to close factories and coal mines.
        • She believed that they were not bringing in enough revenue and instead bought products from overseas.
          • This means that many working class men were left without a job and an income.
            • Russell foresaw this and the consequences were explored in the play.
      • 1.5 million people were unemployed in 1979 this rapidly increased over the next few years.
        • Following on from this was an increase in crime rates as unemployed people would be desperate to find a way to support their families and to do this they turned to crime.
      • Thatcher sought inspiration from Victorian values, she championed the idea of self help.
        • She believed that there should be less intervention for people and companies that previously depended on the state.
          • Russell attempts to challenge this in his plays.
    • Marriage and Women
      • Divorce was uncommon and strongly disapproved of.
      • Men were genuinely the breadwinners who provided for the family however the women were housewives and were expected to stay at home and cook.
    • Housing and living conditions
      • Mickey was relocated to the countryside and still struggled to get a job.
        • Edward is the opposite, he moved to the countryside by choice (his family at least) and Edward got a job easily due to his education.
    • Class
      • Edward came from a higher class then mickey.
        • Because of Edwards higher class he was more educated then what Mickey was.
      • Mickey comes from a working class
        • Because of him coming from a working class, Mickey finds it a lot harder to find a job and ends up on the dole.


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