Blood Brothers

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  • Blood Brothers
    • Characters
      • Mrs Lyons
        • Middle class
        • Desparate for a child
        • Manipulative
          • exploits Mrs Johnstones poverty
        • insecure of mothering abilities
        • over-protective
          • doesn't want Edward "out playing"
      • Mrs Johnstone
        • Very Poor
        • Lacks control of her life
        • Superstitious
          • Makes her vulnerable
        • She loves them, but struggles to control her children
        • Optomisitic
        • Understanding towards her children
    • Themes
      • Class
        • Johnstones and Lyonses are from different social classes
        • can determine the course of your life
        • Mrs Johnstone is working-class whereas Mrs Lyons middle class
        • the families are class stereotypes
          • Puts the issue of class at the front of the audience's mind
        • associated with behaviour
      • Superstition
        • Mrs Lyons knows that Mrs Johnstone is superstitious; she uses this against her to keep her silent.
        • Can be very powerful
        • Narrator constantly mentions superstitions associated with bad luck
        • "Walkin' on the pavement cracks
          • "A looking glass cracked


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