Blame in Book 10- lines 815-844

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  • The Apportioning of Blame by Adam
    • He doesn't believe future generations should be punished for their choices- " for one mans fault thud guiltless condemn'd"
    • He doesn't believe he is entirely to blame- " nor I on single part"
    • He believes Eve is mostly at fault for sin- "with that bad women"
    • Adam believes they are being punished as much as satan despite lesser crime-"to Satan only like both crime and doom"
    • ADH= women also viewed as mainly o blame and male guilt is slightly negated
    • Lack of sympathy for women- they are made criminals even if intend was good- eve wanted knowledge and Nora to "save" Torvalds life
    • He sees no escape or salvation from his punishment- "Abyss of fears and horrors"
    • Partially blames God for allowing them to sin- "in sight of god?"
    • Believes all responsibility lies with Eve- "bad women"
    • ADH & PL= responsible for the corruption of environment
    • Sees himself as responsible for the corruption of the situation due to lack of control over eve - "the source and spring of all corruption"
    • Earth experiences blame and punishment- " "all the world much heavier"
    • Believes too much blame is placed upon him- burden heavier then bear to bear"
    • Ibsen doesn't place blame on them, he allows it to be based on the readers interpretation of the situation, whereas Milton agrees with Adam and blames Eve
    • Punishments are reflective Adam's interpretation, eve is more severely punished


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