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  • Blame
    • Act 1
      • Mr Birling fired Eva smith for going in a strike asking for a higher pay
        • Did not see how this affected Eva and her suicide
          • "And I don't see where I come into all of this"
          • "Look there is nothing mysterious or scandalous about this business. At least not as far as I'm concerened"
        • Started it all, can be blamed
      • Sheila got Eva fired at Milwoods (Her last proper job)
        • Out of jelousy and bitterness
        • Used her social class to her advantage
          • Threatened to close down her account if they did not get rid of the girl
          • "If I could help her now I would"
            • "It was my own fault"
              • "I feel aweful about it"
        • Felt very ashamed and remorseful of what she did
        • Blames herself and cant be to blame
    • Act 2
      • Gerald met daisy at Palace bar, got her away from Joe Meggarty
        • Gave her a place to stay, money and food
          • She eventually became his mistress
            • broke it off when it was convenient for him
              • Because of he is upper class, he is more powerful
        • Not to blame as he was the only character to show real affection and care towards Eva/Daisy
          • Made her happy for a short while
          • Felt very upset when it hits him that she is dead as he really did care for her
            • "Sorry-I-Well-I've suddenly realised-Taken it in-She'd dead"
      • Mrs Birling used her social power to influence the charity not to help Eva
        • Due to her ego
          • Eva called herself Mrs Birling
          • "I didn't like her manner. She impertinently made use of my name"
        • She was the only character who could have helped Eve and potentially saved her
          • MOST TO BLAME
        • She refuses to accept any responsibility
          • Blames the father of the baby for not taking responsiblity
            • "I blame the young man who is the Father of the child"
          • "I did nothing I am ashamed of"
    • Act 3
      • Eric got Eva pregnant
        • Met Eva at the palace bar when he was drunk
          • Used his power to take her home and sleep with her
            • "I was in that state when a chap easily turns nasty"
        • Stole money from his dad to try and provide for Eva
        • Offered to Marry her but Eva said no was he did not truly love her
        • Upset and remorseful about what he did.
          • "I did what I did"
          • When he found out that Mrs Birling could of helped Eva he was furious and blamed her
            • "Then you killed her-And the child she was going to have-My child"
    • Who accepts the blame?
      • Sheila and Eric accept what they did and even when they find out it was a hoax are very remorseful about what they did"
        • "You're beginning to pretend like nothing ever happened and I cant see it like that"
      • The older generation are overjoyed when they find out it is a hoax and easily move on like it never happened


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